9 Harmful Behaviors To Avoid That Can Destroy Marriages

9 Harmful Behaviors To Avoid That Can Destroy Marriages

Well many of us trust our relationship and marriages too much and think it will never end and we two live together forever. But just like everything, marriages can also break and can make you feel lonely and think about if you had avoided these things you two maybe together today.

Many of us make mistakes that look very small but can end marriages and beautiful relation between two, like ignoring, not being helpful, and stop thinking about each other. We have brought you some behaviors to avoid that can destroy marriages.

1. Breaking Your Promises

Being loyal to each other is the first rule of marriage life and if you break a promise it will add bad effects on your marriage but when you care about your partner and fulfill all promises that make your partner more caring about you. It’s always important to keep your words to save your marriage. It’s better not to make a promise that you can not fulfill and be honest with your partner makes you pretty in his/her eyes.

2. Addiction To Anything

Do you come home late every night? Do you use too much Facebook? Do you like to hang out with your friends every day? These are the questions you should ask yourself and see if you are giving enough time to your marriage or just addicted to the things you like. Especially men don’t like their life partner to be addicted to anything that they don’t like and of course, the addiction to anything is a very bad habit even if it is gaming, food, alcohol, shopping, or anything.

Don’t let your partner think that you are giving more importance to anything else except him/her. As no one likes to be ignored and ignorance makes a person lonely. If you will not think about your partner then who will. That’s why addiction to anything in marriage life is very bad.

3. Argue On Everything

Marriage is a two-way relation, you want your partner to listen to you, you first listen. You want your partner to think like you, you first think like him/her. You want him/her to discuss the topics you like, you start taking interest in your partner’s favorite topic. Arguing with each other will only end your marriage. For a better, you must be flexible in your words. Try not to hurt your partner’s feelings about his/her choice and always appreciate your partner.

4. Lack Of Intimacy

Sometimes marriages become just a name, not two bodies and one soul. And start behaving like roommates instead of husband and wife. This happens because of a lack of intimacy and stops taking interest in each other. Marriage has two levels, physical and emotional. Both of them are important in a successful marriage. In the early years of marriage, both partners try to impress each other by taking great care of each other but sometimes with time they start ignoring each other and lack of intimacy increases the distance between the two. Which may cause an unsuccessful marriage.

5. Trust Issues

Trust is like a bond between two partners in a marriage and when trust is lost the marriage also breaks and hurts both of the partners. When you want your partner to trust in you, you should better start trusting him/her first and give your partner a reason to believe in you. Mostly in the early years of marriage, both partners try to show each other about their good decisions but sometimes you try to act over smart and lose trust. So for every step taken in your marriage life depends on your relationship’s strength.

6. Stop Expecting Too Much

Men and women are equal but not the same. Sometimes there are many things that a man can easily do but it is hard to do for a woman and vice versa. When you expect something from your partner that is too much in expectations it will make your mind negative about your partner that he/she can not do this for you. But in fact, it’s not the reason that your partner can not, maybe he/she tried but you were expecting more from your life partner. Talk to each other and let your partner about his/her abilities. That’s the best thing to save marriages for this reason.

7. Avoiding Physical Contact

If you have a bad habit of staying away from your partner in bed you are actually staying away from saving your marriage life. You can not stay at the corner for 20 years by saying every time “Not in Mood” it will destroy your marriage life and the interest of your partner in you. He/she will be less caring about you and try to stay away from you even in any situation. Will not support you in your decision and you will be living like two random people in one room.

8. Fighting For Win

When you start fighting your partner not for each other’s beat but for your words and for your ego, you are basically affecting your marriage life. Husband and Wife fights but the reason depend on why they are fighting each other. Do you want to show their partner low or just for the correction of each other? Always watch your words and think about your reasons to save your marriage.

9. Being Financially Irresponsible

Money can break your marriage and mostly the reasons that came because of lack of money and if you are irresponsible about finance and not supporting your partner and just having an interest in other things you are basically destroying your marriage life. To avoid this, start taking interest in your partner’s needs and become more financially responsible. So your partner can feel safe herself.

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