7 Things Guys Like In Bed But Won’t Ask For

7 Things Guys Like In Bed But Won’t Ask For

Even if the World says that men are tough but still there is a childish part in them along with an adult part. Everyone lives in comfort in bed and still, there are some things that men like in bed but they mostly do not ask. Some men are also shy in physical communication and they avoid explaining their feelings and wishes to their women. And because of this lack of communication, their relation becomes weak.

In a relationship, both partners try to know each other and help in every aspect of life but sometimes couples forget about physical relationship feelings and don’t focus on their partner’s feelings about what he likes and what he doesn’t. This may lead to a mental disturbance for a man.

What do men like in bed? Some men are very simple and they just want to be their wives and don’t expect much arrangement from them but some men are totally different from this thought. They want some special things to do with their wives and to know that we have brought you some points.        

1.Don’t Turn Off The Lights

You have to ask him about this and how he likes being with you in bed. Some men do not like dark during physical relation and they wish to see you in full light. It’s very important for a woman to ask him because most men do not show their interest and go as their wives want but for a good understanding, a woman should also ask for turning off or on lights.

2.They Want You To Initiate

Some men are very shy in having sex with their wives and even they don’t want to start it. In such cases women think that he is not in the mood but in fact he wants you to start and lead. This is the feeling which most men do not express or tell and they feel uncomfortable in explaining this. A wise woman can feel this and can lead.


When you man starts talking with you during sex that means he wants you to look in his eyes and don’t be shy about being with him. And if you start ignoring his question or just answer the questions only it will make him bored and he will not be able to concentrate. That means he wants you to talk with him and look in his eyes.

4.Show Confidence

Men are divided into two different kinds. One wants you to stay shy during sex and the other wants you to show confidence. But mostly like confidence, if you are with him and not showing interest just because you are too shy this will also bring bad effects on your physical relationship and he will be less attracted to you.

5.Good Foreplay

Almost everyone likes foreplay in a relationship even if you are having sex with him or not. But most men like foreplay before starting anything with you. It makes them more confident and feeling and good foreplay bring a good physical relationship. If your man is in the mood he will also start focusing on foreplay first. This way you can judge his feelings very easily.

6.Use Your Hands

Touching each other is causes feeling during sex and men mostly wants their wives to use hands. You can use your hands on his skin but make sure you don’t hurt him but you can guide him and hold him so he and you both can feel each other.

7.Don’t Make It Fake

The physical relationship is to give comfort to each other but if you start to make it like you are not doing this in the mood while your man wants it, you will make it looks fake and men really really don’t like being fake in sex. Make sure to grab him and feel him like you want this as much as he wants. This will also give him confidence and will make your relationship more strong.

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