Slow To Apologize

6 Signs The Relationship Isn’t Going To Last

No relationship is perfect 100 percent and the fear of losing the one you love is very painful and it’s never easy to say goodbye to your relationship especially when it is going to be over because of one of you. So sometimes you ignore the reasons that make the differences between you two and you try to act normal.

Losing a relationship can change everything in your life including your behavior and nature. According to psychology people who lose their relationship at an early time often start having trust issues with everyone. And that leads to trouble.

In such a case it’s not compulsory to lose your relationship when you can find the reason and can solve this. There are always some reasons that show that the relationship isn’t going to last but there is always a solution to every problem. For this, you need to know the reasons why relationships don’t go last. And we have some signs to show this.

1.You Are Not On The Same Page

You find something very interesting and you share this with your partner but he/she is not interested in your interest. It may be the first reason for losing a relationship. Being on the same page in a relationship is very very important and people start seeing things from only one side in a relationship but in a relationship, both partners should take care of each other’s nature.

2.Your Partner Can Not Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes and it’s human nature but when you start thinking that your partner can never make a mistake and he/she should be right always, it means you are leading your relationship to a bad situation.

3.There Is No Honesty And Trust

When there is no trust and honesty in a relationship it’s already over and you just have to separate from each other. Partners allow each other to trust each other and it makes their relationship strong and strong but if one of them feels that the other one is telling lies, it becomes a very difficult situation that can end a relationship.

4.Keeping Secret And No Communications

When you take care of someone you share things. In a marriage or a relationship when you stop sharing things and start keeping secrets, you actually start saying goodbye to your relationship.

5.Disliking Your Partner’s Company

There is a very famous saying that a person is known by his friends. And if your partner doesn’t like your friends or company, he may also start liking you. Or maybe it’s the reason that you spend more time with your friends and ignore your partner which makes him jealous. So you need to balance your relationship.

6.Slow To Apologize

If your partner makes a mistake and instead of apologizing he starts to make useless excuses. It’s very bad for you and your relationship. Only a strong person apologizes when he does something wrong. To avoid your relationship you must admit your mistake and apologize to your partner.

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