6 signs that your ex misses you

6 Signs That Your ex Misses You

Breakups are never easy. Once someone comes into your life he leaves his feelings or memories with you and it is never bad to think about your ex. Not only because he is your ex but also because of humanity. You will always try to help him if he needs any help from you. Or when you spend some quality time with someone you always try to keep yourself updated with his moves. No matter how hard it was for you or him to leave each other but you will still have soft cover for him.

The second reason might be that you are feeling alone and want him back in your life by remembering the old days you two spent together. You might be hoping to see some signs that he also misses you. But Love is always two ways and if you are having feelings for him again you should also know what he thinks about you. Here are a few points that your ex misses you.

1. Find Reasons To Contact You

Find Reasons To Contact You

When your ex starts finding random reasons to spend some time with you and reach out to you, that means he is also finding the lost relationship between the two of you. He calls you or texts you and explains random things just because he wants to talk with you. Sometimes boys don’t express their feelings but they really want you again in their life.

He might also seem interested in asking you irrelevant questions just to have a long conversation with. He starts asking about your cat and telling you stories that you like. He will also try to get your attention by sharing things you like. He makes different strategies to talk with you.

2. He Starts Telling You That He Misses You

He Starts Telling You That He Misses You

This reason is direct. When you break up with your ex and he starts having feelings for you again and thinking about why he left you because you were a pure girl for him, he starts telling you that he misses you. There are several reasons he can make you have back in his life and start talking to you about when you two were together.

Actually it is hard for him to believe that you two are not together and he wants to have you back.

Normally he will start showing some emotions and will try to get his place in your heart by saying to you that he misses you and misses the golden days when you two were in relationship.

3. He Comments On Your Social Media

He Comments On Your Social Media

To show his presence to you is also a sign that your ex is missing you. He can start following your posts and pictures on Social Media and starts agreeing with your opinions and telling you that you are looking so beautiful.

On Social Media he wants to reach you so he can tell you that he still misses you when you are not around and to see how you are and what you are doing, he starts taking interest in your Social Media.

4. He Ask About You

He Ask About You

If he is asking other friends about you and wants to know about your health and about your livings. He is actually taking interest in you. He misses you and wants to tell you this but not directly.

He starts taking the help of other friends to know about you and if you have any boyfriend or not. He does this because your mutual friends can explain to you his feelings about you. He might also request your friends that he wants to meet you again.

5. He Feels Jealous When You Date Someone else

He Feels Jealous When You Date Someone else

Jealousy is very real and especially when your jealous person is your Ex. If he sees you with someone else and feels jealous he just is missing you because he can’t see you with someone else. He tries to introduce himself to your boyfriend and tries to share things with him that he knows you better than him and he was perfect for you. If your ex is showing this kind of behavior, it means he is missing you very much.

6. He Tries To Dress You Like Infront Of You

He Tries To Dress You Like Infront Of You

If you ever buy some clothes for him or gift him any watch. He will try to wear that in front of you so you start thinking about the day when you gifted him. He basically will try to tell you that he still keeps things that you have given to him. This is a very strong sign that he misses you very much and when he will meet you he will keep looking at you and try to make sure you notice his moves and his feelings about you.

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