6 Signs That He’s Only Playing Around With You

6 Signs That He’s Only Playing Around With You

Sometimes, when you love someone too much they don’t even give you the attention and ignore you. If you are in love with a man, you should also know if he and you are on the same page or not. Relationships are not kid’s games, they are real and people have feelings for each other. So never hurt your feelings for someone, especially for the one who doesn’t even care about you and just spending time with you.

Some men are very good at hiding their feelings and they can fake anything. But when you seriously fall in love with someone and give him your time and attention and everything you own, if he then starts playing with your heart, it will be very difficult for you.

You should judge your partner if he really loves you or just playing with you. We have6 Signs he’s only playing around with you.

1. He Don’t Talk About His Future With You

He doesn’t really take interest in his future with you. Whenever you talk about your future or plan something for a long relationship he will not take any interest. He also looks like he is bored from this relationship and doesn’t show any love for you.

2. He Starts Taking Interest in Other Girls

When he doesn’t feel any hesitation in flirting with girls even in front of you, it means he has lost his interest in you and he is just playing with you. He doesn’t even care about your feelings for him and he keeps flirting and dating girls even if you caught him or talk about this, he will take it normally and will not excuse this act.

3. He Starts Hiding His Relationship With You

Mostly when he is not interested in you and just going to end a relationship with you, he will pretend that he is not in a relationship with you in front of others. He will not introduce you as your wife/GF and will ignore your relationship in the gathering. He will stop sharing things between you and will never want to make things public between you.

4. He Starts Breaking His Promises

Whenever he makes a promise or a commitment he will never complete his words and this will be nothing for him to break his promises. He will not give you the importance and of your words and will not think about your feelings. Even if you plan a dinner for him, he will show no interest in it and he may not do dinner with you after commitment.

5. He Becomes  Private About His Personal Life

Hiding everything from you becomes a part of his life when he is only playing with his relationship with you. He starts hiding his personal life problems and decisions from you and stops sharing his routine and will not discuss his day with you anymore. He makes his life too much private and will not allow you to enter his private life.

6. He Doesn’t Include You in His Plans

Making a plan without you becomes his habit. When he starts going alone to parties or does not invite you to hang out with him, it means he is not interested in you and just going to end this relationship.

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