6 signs he loves you

6 Signs He Loves You

Stop wondering if he loves you or not. This is a natural thing that men and women love each other and they express their feelings differently. As we all know what it looks like when some start taking interest in you and falling in love with you. But still, if you don’t know he loves you or not we bring you some important signs to know if he loves you or not.

Saying someone “I love you” is not that easy, a person who loves love also loves the way you talk, loves the way you think and he is always with you in any of your opinions. It’s possible if he loves you and not saying that but his actions and he suddenly starts caring about you and enjoying the moment he spends with you. This is also Love.

1. The way he looks at you.

Eyes say everything. This might be the first expression of love and if he loves you, he will look at you like the most precious stone in the World. He may also be saying to you that he has never seen such a beautiful person like you. It’s the way he looks at you and if his eyes are always looking for you then he must be the one who wants you to stay in front of his eyes and that’s the first sign that he LOVES you. If you see the brightness in his eyes when you are around him then he is in love with you.

2. He protects you

Men have in their nature to protect and even they can give their life for someone they care about and their beloved one. If he is always with you, wants to stand with you in your every problem, and tries to solve it with everything he can, then he is trying to say “I Love You”. Sometimes when a man starts loving he also starts looking for your problems so he can protect you from and in this way he can stay closer to you. If your friend is trying to do such things then Congratulations. This is a definite sign he loves you.

3. He is always looking for your advice

Trusting someone and sharing your problem is the Sign you love him. If your man trusts you and always shares his problems or actions with you and is looking for your advice because he listens to you then he wants to stay with you, he loves you. Being with someone is like two bodies and one soul and if he wants to make you his soulmate and will always share everything with you and will ask for your opinion because he wants to move forward with you. This is a pure Love Sign.

4. He listens to you and hears you.

How many times can you listen to the same story or the one you are not interested in, 1, 2, or 3? But if the person who is talking to you is the one you Love. He will always listen to you even if you are talking about the things he is not interested in but if he is interested in you then he will definitely take interest in what you are talking about because he will never wish that you feel nervous in front of him about talking. He will always give you a complete chance to speak whatever you like to and will respond to you and take part in your conversation. If your man is doing this it means he Loves you.

5. He holds your hand

A guy who is interested in you will never hold your hands but a man who is really in love with you will do. He will always try to feel you like he is on your side about everything and will never leave you alone in any situation. If your guy holds your hand when you are talking to him that means he will stay with you and you can also talk to him whenever you want. He just wants to express his feelings to you and he might also say “I Love You”.

6. There are more conversations between the two of you

Is he staying with you and having long conversations with you? This is the sign when he is in love with you, he will wish to talk with you for hours and will never leave you and your conversations also become long. He will always try to find reasons to talk to you about you. Because talking to someone you love is the most relaxing thing and if he loves you he will be with you to have a long and long conversation. And who knows if he suddenly says: “I Love You”.

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