5 Signs He Really Really Likes You

5 Signs He Really Really Likes You

One of the most important and confusing things in a relationship is to know if she/he likes you or not. If you like a boy and want a road to his heart you must need some entrance and for that, you need to know if he also thinks the same about you or he is taking you just as a friend. This is very confusing. This is a very tough call, as a woman, it is easy to know if he is interested in you or not because most men are not good at hiding their feelings, especially for a woman.

You should also know that being nice with someone or having a good conversation is not enough, men also give respect to women and when they are nice to you it does not mean that they are really really like you. It might be because they are good at having friends or he might be taking you as a good and caring friend. To know that we have bought some signs if he really really likes you or not.

1. He Stands Close To You

Being with someone is nice and when you are interested in someone you will try to stay close to that person. So if he is trying to stand close to you so that you may talk to him or notice his presence, it means that he likes you and wants to start a good relationship with you.

2. Keep Looking At You

When a guy keeps looking at you that means he is looking for a reason to talk with you or to stay with you. Men mostly start a conversation with eyes, they try to make you notice that they are looking at you before talking to you, so you may prepare yourself about this and when he talks to you, you are already ready for that.

3. Acts Like You

Men try to impress a girl they like, and they also want to make sure that she also starts thinking about them. When he likes you he tries to act like you, when you laugh he will laugh, when you will smile he will smile. He changes his expression with your expressions, to show you that he is just like you, and you two are perfect for each other.

4. Call You Just For Talk

Talking with someone you like is like a good night kiss. When he starts calling you without any reason but just to talk with you, he is really going to say “ I LIKE YOU”. Men usually do this and they call and want to stay in touch with the one they like.

5. Mention You In Your Friends

Guys are very creative in telling someone that they like her. When a man starts liking someone he tries to mention her to her friends so they tell her that he was talking about you and you take notice of that. It’s a good trick that works so if he is not talking to you directly but mentioning you in front of your friends he is interested in you.

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